what they say…

what they say…


Dean Bird

Certified Network Systems, Inc

Computer Software Sales-Service

“Growth of your business thru referral marketing. I have been a member of Bangor Breakfast BNI since 2008. I have grown my business, learned how to network effectively, and been mentored by several members. BNI has been invaluable to my company and myself.”

Britt Bolnick

In Arms Coaching

Business Coach

“BNI Maine has shown me an ultra-effective, fun, and connected way to grow my business, while building an aligned community of other motivated, ambitious professionals and business owners.
Wish I had done this years ago!”

Charlotte Vachon

TD Bank

Banking Services

“It’s been 9 months since I had the honor and privilege of taking upon the position of store manager for TD Bank. I am so fortunate that our store has seen tremendous growth over this time frame, and although many factors contributed to that growth joining one of the local Bangor BNI chapters has been critical. BNI stands for business networking International. If you can Imagine the power of having 52 like minded business professionals committed to referring business to one another then you will begin to understand the power of this amazing networking group. This Friday we are having our visitor day at the Ramada Inn in Brewer which gives businesses the opportunity to come see why so many business owners who have joined have renewed year after year. In only 9 months BNI member referrals have brought in an additional $47,500 in business to my store. Our chapter is always on the search for new members that are interested in growing their business by working smarter not harder.”

Jeremy Martinez

Bromar Printing Solutions


Jennifer Litteral

Coffee Hound Coffee Co.

Food & Beverage

“We were looking to grow our business with more referrals and joining BNI Network has not disappointed! It is like we gained a 56 member sales team that isn’t on payroll. It has allowed us to grow faster even through a pandemic.”

Daniel Dougherty

Ameriprise Financial

Financial Advisor

“BNI has consistently helped me grow my business and is a necessity in my marketing strategy. The positive environment and outstanding resources allow me to have make new connections every week. Anyone looking to grow their business in a fun way should consider attending a chapter meeting.”

Melinda Cobb


Health & Wellness Products

Tiffany McKenna

The Great East Butcher Company

Food & Beverage

Brendon Bean

Bean Data

IT & Networks

Danielle Pease

Danielle Pease Photography


“Since joining BNI, my business has grown in ways I never expected. Having access to leading business owners in the area has given me inspiration on how to shape my business. In addition, it is an amazing feeling knowing that everyone in your group is marketing for you and has your back.”

Bethany Elfaham

Maine Ride Detailing

Auto/Car Detailing

“BNI has been an incredible resource for our business, Maine Ride Detailing. I not only look forward to our meetings every week, I also love getting to know all of our awesome referral partners during the times in between. We’ve built many relationships within our local business community since joining a little over two year ago, with connections throughout Maine and beyond! I can honestly say that our company would not be where it is today without BNI. Givers gain is not just a motto, it really is a way of conducting business that has produced results for us, our company, and many many other local business!”

Megan Bourque

Duncklee & Nott

Financial Advisor

“BNI came into my life when I was a very new financial advisor. The process, the people, the networking and the learning and growing have helped propel my business forward. Whenever I speak to a new business owner or a business owner looking to grow their business, BNI is the first thing that comes to mind and out of my mouth. The relationships built and the marketing team trained are my two favorite pieces of BNI. I don’t hesitate to rejoin each year and Duncklee & Nott is proud to be a member!”

Jen Litteral

Coffee Hound Coffee Co.

Food & Beverage

Kate Smith

Photography by Kate Smith


“One of the hardest things about being self employed is the networking, growing my business, and feeling a part of something bigger. BNI Maine checks all those boxes. The #giversgain mindset is focused on helping others and in return, you get what you give. BNI provides all the knowledge and tools you need to become successful and to help businesses and like-minded professionals grow, too. I have learned to be a better speaker, ask for what I want more clearly. It has challenged me to dive into my work, my processes, and my goals more honestly. My fellow Queen City BNI – Brewer members have expanded my thoughts as far as what is possible and are truly becoming more than just other business owners, they are becoming friends. I look forward to the networking each week, learning what my fellow members need and how I can help them fulfill their needs.”

Amanda Burke


Residential Mortgages

“BNI Maine listened to local professional and worked on starting a lunch time chapter in the Bangor area. As a busy working mom, this was just the opportunity I needed to give it a try. I enjoy meeting with like-minded professionals every week to learn about their businesses. I appreciate the free education provided by BNI to its members. I like the relationships I’ve built both inside and outside of the chapter. I look forward to the presentations each week and learning how to become a better networker for my chapter’s members.”

Justin Pelletier

FA Peabody Co.

Property & Casualty Insurance

“BNI Maine is a fun, energetic, successful group of individuals who truly care about each other and achieving their goals. There are great referrals being passed almost on a daily basis with closed business announced at each meeting. If you are looking to grow your business, BNI is definitely the way to go. It has changed the way that I do business even having been in my field for 10 years. Go visit”

Gary Jordan Jr.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Masiello Group

Residential Real Estate Agent

Michelle Raber

Michelle Raber State Farm Agency

Property & Casualty Insurance

“Thanks to the new leadership team at BNI Maine for creating such good energy, giving us guidance, and helping all members grow their business. I have been a proud member of the Portland Business Builders BNI Chapter and it has been great connecting with like-minded business owners who all work together to reach goals.”

Stacy Ayotte

The Back Office Expert


“BNI Maine is the reason my business is 10 years old. When I started The Back Office Expert, it was on the advice of friends and family. I thought, sure, I’ll give it a try; if it doesn’t work, I’ll go find a job. Luckily, I found BNI 4 months after I started my bookkeeping practice and I’ve never looked back. I have part-time employees, over 70 clients, and the phone never stops ringing.”

Amanda Emerson

Core Benefits Insurance

Health Insurance

John Sturtevant

Sturdy Production


“I started my videography business in 2020 and I had all the feelings you’d expect when going off on your own for the first time. But someone from BNI reached out to me and invited me in and that weight of anxiety has been completely lifted. All the BNI members that I have met have been there to help, encourage, and teach me and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve been lucky enough to go around to various BNI members and talk about their experiences in BNI and I’ve heard enough to know that my experience is not a unique one. Without fail, each member has spoken about their chapter as a family and for me that’s the power of BNI. It creates a safe place where we can support, encourage and hold each other accountable, just like a family would and I am so lucky to be a part of that.”

Danielle Hewes

Maine Savings FCU

Banking Services

“BNI is a referral network like no other. You can’t get state of the art training-in person and online, accountability, professionalism, and frankly-friendships, like BNI provides. It’s more than business growth; though that’s unmatched as well, it’s the ability to be instrumental in your group’s business growth through the givers gain! My employer, as well as manager, we’re not sold on BNI and all it was said to entail. I asked for an opportunity to see if perhaps I could change their mind. In 4 months I have closed $974,000 in business as a direct result from my BNI networking relationships. I’ve connected with folks I never would have had the opportunity or even thought to have connected with, I’ve learned a great deal from the training, and my professional growth has been a wonderful secondary side effect.”

Caitlin Sullivan

Sparkling Clean, LLC

Commercial Cleaning

“BNI has helped me grow, both personally and professionally! I feel comfortable inducing myself and public speaking (well more comfortable!!) Having a network of business professionals to lean on is the best…The referrals that come are just gravy!! BNI is perfect for companies like Sparkling Clean to get the word out about quality and local services!”

Odelle Bowman


Nutritional Supplements

“BNI Maine has had a dramatic effect on my business as an affiliate of LifeVantage. Not only have I grown my business skills through BNI Portland Business Builders and all the world class trainings they offer, my network is now global, and networking has been made simple and accessible during this Pandemic. One of the unexpected pluses that I hadn’t expected was making a new circle of close friends. During the time of the Pandemic my business has doubled and my confidence as a business owner has grown dramatically. BNI Maine necessitates an investment of time and energy in others “Givers Gain” and I wouldn’t have it any other way❤️

Shelly Stevens

Sinclair’s Home Heating


“Our business joined BNI in February 2021. We are receiving an average of one new referral every week! Before BNI we were averaging one new referral to our business about every 2 months! This has been a huge boost to our business. I am thankful for the business relations I am building and the growing success of our company”

Diane Lent

Maine Home Portrait Artist


“To share my story of why I am a BNI member. I have worked selling many different business services most of my life. I was good at it but I always wanted to be a full time artist. I had joined BNI when I was working for one of them. I was frustrated again with what I was selling so I brought into my BNI meeting one of my paintings and said and I also do this… Many of the members said “I want one”, “I know someone who would want one”. And my art business started. I have gotten trainings, support and education on how to build my business from BNI and BNI members. I’ve learned how to promote my art and make it a full time gig. Without BNI I would never have achieved my big hairy goal and become a full time artist. Mainehomeportraitartist.com. I am so thankful!!”

Lisa DiBiase

Landing Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Agent

Jeff Long


Health & Wellness Products

Zachary Hackett

Brogue Insurance & Financial Service

Property & Casualty Insurance

“Since joining BNI I have made so many amazing connections and lifelong friends. I would recommend BNI to anyone who wants to grow their business and meet some amazing people!”

Blake Dyer

Red Door Title

Title Services

“When I joined BNI Maine over a year ago, I had no idea what the organization was about or how it could help me grow my business. Since joining, I have made countless referrals, made numerous partners and friends, and have grown a large network for my business. BNI provides a strong group of trusted professionals to engage in business conversations and deals with on a daily basis. I highly recommend BNI Maine to anyone looking to further their reach and grow their business.”

Kristin Mutchler-Hunt

Pickle's Potions

Cosmetics/Skin Care

“I was first invited to attend a BNI meeting early this year and was just so impressed with the group. They were so welcoming, professional, and ready to connect. It was great to make connections with them, so much so that I kept going back! I have been a member for several months now, and BNI has helped my business, Pickle’s Potions, grow. The networking that this group provides is priceless.
I am proud to be a member.”

Marie Spaulding

Artist - Marie Spaulding Art


Ashley Hartley

Vacationland Inn


“This is my first experience with BNI and I can say it’s truly an amazing experience. I love the trainings they offer and the wide variety of people you get to meet. the resources that BNI has are unbelievable. I highly recommend BNI to any business that wants to grow.”

Jodi Flynn

Women Taking the Lead

Leadership development

“BNI is not only responsible for introducing me to half of my currently clients, the members of BNI have helped me through personal and professional challenges. Knowing so many professionals from all different industries has been an asset to me, my clients and my business.”

Ashleigh Briggs

Briggs Solutions for Business

Business Services

“BNI has helped me develop strong working relationships with other business owners across the state. This has helped me in closing sales faster in my consulting business, Briggs Solutions for Business, because I’m able to provide valuable references and get great referrals. I’ve also learned a lot from other members about how to run a successful business. It’s an early Friday morning but it’s always worth it!”

Peter McPhail

United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine

Residential Real Estate

Tony Bernatche

Bernatche Auto Body

Auto/Car Body Shop

“I have been a member of BNI for 16 years. This organization has been a major contributor to help me build Bernatche Auto Body to what it is today! I cannot wait to see where we will grow together in the next 16 years.”

Amanda Kearns

Milne Travel - American Express

Travel Agent

“I definitely recommend BNI! BNI Maine has helped me grow as an entrepreneur immensely! I have become more confident in what I’m looking for as far as clients and how I can share that information with others so they can keep an ear out for me! I have started to grow my client base and hope to keep going that way! If anyone wants to talk travel, let me know! amanda.kearns@milnetravel.com After being in BNI for almost 5 years, I can say that my list of connections and referral partners is still growing!”

Kristie Reed

Wights Sporting Goods

Promotional Products

“There is not a another networking group like BNI Maine that is committed to making every member successful. The leadership and the trainings have been instrumental in boosting my sales at Wight’s Sporting Goods! I would definitely recommend them to any business looking to grow!”

Jeff Long


Health & Wellness Products

“Hey guys! Just a shout out to my entrepreneurial FB friends. Many of you have probably seen me tagged in BNI stuff. This is a little about it and a testimonial. I’ve been with BNI (Business Network International) for approximately 26+ years. I’ve met many of my closest friends there, it’s helped to grow two successful businesses throw referrals Chem Quest which I sold, and now our Arbonne business and to make me a better networker, friend, and leader. BNI has been an instrumental part of my life. If you are looking to grow your business and would like to know more, let me know and I’ll send you in the right direction. Happy Wednesday!!”

Rick Browning

Upfront Home Inspection LLC

Home Inspection

“Being a new startup business and looking for a way to increase referrals BNI Maine has been a great move. The members are great to bounce ideas off of and act as mentors to make everyone successful.”

Odelle Bowman


Health & Wellness Supplements

“BNI Maine has had a dramatic effect on my business as an affiliate of LifeVantage. Not only have I grown my business skills through BNI Portland Business Builders and all the world class trainings they offer, my network is now global, and networking has been made simple and accessible during this Pandemic. One of the unexpected pluses that I hadn’t expected was making a new circle of close friends. During the time of the Pandemic my business has doubled and my confidence as a business owner has grown dramatically. BNI Maine necessitates an investment of time and energy in others “Givers Gain” and I wouldn’t have it any other way❤️”

Michael Eric Bérubé


Photographer – Real Estate

“In 2010 I was working part time at a camera store and my wedding and portrait business was struggling at just below a poverty income. Every mom and uncle with a nice camera was shooting weddings for way less than I was charging. I joined Profit Partners, a BNI Maine Chapter and at the suggestion of a long time member, I shifted genres and my business began to take off with a LOT of referrals. If all continues as it has the last several years, by the end of 2020, referrals from BNI Maine will have put more than $1,000,000 into my business accounts. 100% of that has come from the referrals and training I’ve received from this excellent organization. BNI Maine absolutely changed my life and the lives of my family. Relationship based referral marketing is the key to success for me. I’ll be a member for life.”

Bonny Rollender


Health & Wellness

“BNI has been a godsend for me as I’m starting a new business, in a new town! As a starter, I have all of these wonderful BNI members who can help me get set up with services from commercial brokerage to professional insurance. Now that I’m up and running, the network BNI offers is an amazing business builder, and finally, once I start getting more client relationships built, I can refer back to my BNI colleagues as I can make quality recommendations to my trusted clients. It’s a win-win-win! Visit us for a medical skincare treatment or wrinkle relaxer injectable!”

Mike Griggs

Pine Tree Solar


“BNI Maine has had a very positive impact on our business and we have already seen our business grow after becoming a member. As a member of the Bangor Breakfast Chapter, I want to thank all of the members for a warm welcome and for the support after becoming a member. The group is very well organized and really engaged in passing referrals between the members. I previously was a member of BNI in 2005 and some of the same people in the group are still members of BNI today. This says a lot about the power and benefits of being a BNI member!
I look forward to being a part of BNI for many years to come!”

Kristen Tripp

Bay State Financial

Life Insurance

Mostafa Elfaham

Maine Ride Detailing

Automotive Detailing

Sean Sickles

The Unplugged Arcade


Evan Amell

EA Fitness and Performance

Personal Trainer – Fitness

Erika Robert

The Dot Fernald Team

Residential Real Estate Agent

“I love being a realtor and helping all my clients through their transactions. But real estate is very competitive and everyone seems to know a few realtors. So how do I stand out and try to grow my business?! By joining this amazing group and BNI experience! BNI has helped me meet new people and businesses across Maine. With just 1 referral/closed business, my membership is paid for, yet I still show up each week to keep growing and to help other local businesses grow. This platform has been amazing for me to grow as an individual and a real estate agent. I am breaking out of my shell and connecting with numerous people statewide. This has been a great experience and I recommend any business looking to grow to attend a meeting and see what it is all about!”

Paula Mahony

Words @ Work

Marketing Consultant

“Through #BNIMaine I’ve learned how to describe Words@Work in less than 60 seconds. I’ve learned the value of having a specific list of prospects and most important – I’ve discovered how much I love connecting people who can help each other.”

Evan Amell

EA Fitness and Performance

Personal Trainer – Fitness

Aislynne Hayden

Pine Tree Cellular


“I have worked for Pine Tree Cellular in Waterville for 4 years now and since my start I have been attending with Elm City Referral Source BNI chapter. Because of this I have been able to see the help this opportunity provides to growing businesses right from the get go. The chapter members are amazing people, that genuinely care about helping each other grow. I would and have highly recommended BNI to business owners, whether they are just starting up or been in business for years.”

Karen Edwards

Biz Realty

Residential Real Estate Agent

“BNI is a unique and productive way to do grow your business and meet and build relationships along the way. Highly recommend checking a chapter out.”

John Toye

John D. Toye, Tax Practitioner


“BNI Maine is a wonderful organization. Using it for your business is a great way to grow through referrals. There is a tremendous amount of training available for all levels of experience from rookie to seasoned professional. The various chapters meet weekly and share information about their business. Through a structured set of one on ones, your chapter gets to know you and you get to know them as friends and family. Giving referrals is as important as receiving referrals and BNI Maine instills the Givers Gain philosophy. Sometimes you need to give some first, but with trust and hard work, you gain it back both in trust, friendship and referrals.”

Brendon Bean

Bean Data

IT & Networks

“I started my business Bean Data fulltime in 2012. After a few years, my business started to plateau. One of my clients asked me how business was progressing. I stated that any forward momentum seems to have stalled. He suggested that I attend a BNI meeting. Initially, I resisted, but after him asking again I attended and found that it was the best thing I could have done! Every year since 2015 because of BNI my business has grown 10-20% per year by being active in BNI working with my chapter as well as the BNI Maine Region. Like anything, if you put in the time, effort and hard work you will reap the benefits. BNI is not a magic wand, but if you use the tools and interact with the global network of members that BNI is composed of you will prosper!”

Mike Virgie

Northstar Mortgage Group

Residential Mortgages

“BNI Maine has helped not only my business grow to lengths I never though would be possible so quickly, but it has also helped my confidence personally. Getting to share my work each and every week with a group of like minded and driven people is very motivating. I look forward to each and every meeting to share what Northstar Mortgage is doing around the community. If you’re curious about BNI, visit a meeting ASAP!”


Elena Metzger

Print Bangor


Chris Wallace


Financial Advisor

“As a financial advisor, my entire business is referral-based. When I was introduced to BNI over 17 years ago it seemed a natural fit. Little did I know it would take 13 months to get my first referral and that was to a client in CT. We drove 1.5 hrs to meet halfway and closed the business resulting in a $5000 commission. Since that time I have helped my members put over a million dollars in their pockets and they have done the same for me! The Givers Gain philosophy really works!”

Jeremy Martinez

Bromar Printing Solutions


“BNI has not only helped my business, by introducing me to many new clients … but I have also found many valuable business partners and advisors. I can’t recommend this organization highly enough. If you want to grow your business, you need to join BNI.”

David Rosania

Complete Payroll Solutions

Payroll Service

“BNI Maine is a tremendous organization. Kelly and Niels are dedicated to the growth of all their networking groups. As part of their largest group, Bangor Breakfast, they still come to help us grow and become better networkers. The Bangor Breakfast BNI is a crucial part of my referral network and has been for the last 8 years. If I can make one recommendation to grow your business, find a BNI group.”

Ronald Watson

Healy Chiropractic


“BNI has not only introduced me to a dedicated group of professionals but through it, I have sharpened my communication skills and grown my business. I highly recommend this organization!”

Chris Wallace


Financial Advisor

John Engelbert

Heartland Payment Systems

Credit Card/Merchant Services

“So you’ve planted the seed of a new business, or are trying to re energize your established business. BNI is the organic fertilization process that makes small businesses grow! Join a chapter near you. There you’ll find many other entrepreneurs and professionals in your community who are dedicated to helping you grow.”

Rick Browning

Upfront Home Inspection LLC

Home Inspection

Casey Tanner

Casey's Creations


“I’m just about to start my 3rd year with BNI this spring with my chapter Successful Business Partners. To say BNI has helped my business would be an understatement, BNI has SAVED my business. I’m a photographer and when I moved to Oxford Hills I quickly learned that establishing a client base in a small community is hard work with so many other talented people to compete with. If it weren’t for the trust and friendships I have built with my BNI family, and the business they bring me I don’t want to even think about where I might be! I recently got an email from a BNI member in Latvia!!! Interested in selling my images on their canvases! BNI has taught me more then I could ever ask and given me connections and job opportunities I never thought I would have”

Marie Spaulding

Marie Spaulding Art


“BNI has helped me grow my art business and become a better speaker, networker and business owner! Can’t say enough good things about it! So glad I found this wonderful organization!
Thank you BNI!”

Chip Foss

Real Property Managment Acadia

Property Management

Ansley Moore

Bangor Neon

Sign Company

“BNI has been a game changer for our business and for me personally as a professional. The education that I’ve received and the relationships I have had the opportunity to build with other entrepreneurs and business owners is priceless. I would recommend joining a local chapter to anyone who is looking to grow and improve their business!”

Sarah Carson

Portside Real Estate Group

Residential Real Estate

Emily Cambria

Project Wellness, LLC

Nutritional Supplements

“BNI is a professional organization which provides so much value to it’s members. The trainings, support, philosophy and energy is top notch. If  you are looking to grow your business, be a part of a community as big as the world, this is the place to be! BNI has been a tremendously positive and powerful experience for me in many ways! Being one of the founding members of the Queen City Chapter, I have grown professionally, while helping my Chapter grow the membership. The positive and professional culture of BNI is second to none!”

Erin Martin

SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media

“Love how BNI Maine has helped SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency grow. We love the connections and referrals we’ve received AND given. BNI has definitely helped our bottom line. In fact, we earned back our annual dues in the first month. So far in 2021 BNI has driven almost 10% of our revenue. Well worth the investment.”

Kevin Bellerose

Computer Doctor of Maine

IT & Networks

“BNI is a great way to get connected with like-minded individuals who are working hard to grow their businesses while connecting, learning and building amazing referral resources!”

Amanda Emerson

Core Benefits Insurance

Health Insurance

“Since joining BNI, I have gained knowledge, more clients, community connections and friends. I can’t say enough about what BNI has done for me and I am truly grateful for all of it! I am a “lifer” for sure!”

Holly Bruns

Local Image

Web Design

“I am so grateful to have a group of trusted business professionals that I can call on when I need anything for myself, my family or my clients. Becoming apart of this organization just a few months ago has made such an impact on my business and the relationships alone are invaluable. From the members in my group to the connections that you can make in other chapters takes it the extra mile. If you are looking at this trying to decide if it is a good fit or just want to learn more feel free to connect with me! ?

Ian Garcia Grant

Wizardly Media


Skylar Welch

Maine Pointe Lending

Residential Mortgages

“BNI has been a HUGE part of my business.. I started in BNI in 2013 as a brand new loan officer, looking to grow my business.. BNI helped me not only grow my business and create amazing relationships with professionals that I feel confident referring to, but it also helped me grow as a speaker and presenter and feel confident talking about what I do in front of anyone! If you are looking to grow your business, there truly is no better place to put your focus and time!”

Rob Larochelle

Baystate Financial

Financial Advisor

“BNI has allowed me to build a network of trusted and quality referral sources. This adds a tremendous amount of value to existing and prospective clients of mine, as needs come up, I have a group to turn to that I can trust will meet their needs.”

Tabitha Cronk

GC Renovations Inc.


“BNI has helped our business grow on many levels! BNI has helped with our networking, expanding our customer base, and has and will continue to help us grow! With being able to meet with 30+ different business owners/employees, it has opened us up to a whole new world of business!”