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Chip Foss

Real Property Managment Acadia

Property Management

Chris Wallace


Financial Advisor

“As a financial advisor, my entire business is referral-based. When I was introduced to BNI over 17 years ago it seemed a natural fit. Little did I know it would take 13 months to get my first referral and that was to a client in CT. We drove 1.5 hrs to meet halfway and closed the business resulting in a $5000 commission. Since that time I have helped my members put over a million dollars in their pockets and they have done the same for me! The Givers Gain philosophy really works!”

Bonny Rollender


Health & Wellness

“BNI has been a godsend for me as I’m starting a new business, in a new town! As a starter, I have all of these wonderful BNI members who can help me get set up with services from commercial brokerage to professional insurance. Now that I’m up and running, the network BNI offers is an amazing business builder, and finally, once I start getting more client relationships built, I can refer back to my BNI colleagues as I can make quality recommendations to my trusted clients. It’s a win-win-win! Visit us for a medical skincare treatment or wrinkle relaxer injectable!”

Bethany Elfaham

Maine Ride Detailing

Auto/Car Detailing

“BNI has been an incredible resource for our business, Maine Ride Detailing. I not only look forward to our meetings every week, I also love getting to know all of our awesome referral partners during the times in between. We’ve built many relationships within our local business community since joining a little over two year ago, with connections throughout Maine and beyond! I can honestly say that our company would not be where it is today without BNI. Givers gain is not just a motto, it really is a way of conducting business that has produced results for us, our company, and many many other local business!”

Michael Eric Bérubé


Photographer – Real Estate

“In 2010 I was working part time at a camera store and my wedding and portrait business was struggling at just below a poverty income. Every mom and uncle with a nice camera was shooting weddings for way less than I was charging. I joined Profit Partners, a BNI Maine Chapter and at the suggestion of a long time member, I shifted genres and my business began to take off with a LOT of referrals. If all continues as it has the last several years, by the end of 2020, referrals from BNI Maine will have put more than $1,000,000 into my business accounts. 100% of that has come from the referrals and training I’ve received from this excellent organization. BNI Maine absolutely changed my life and the lives of my family. Relationship based referral marketing is the key to success for me. I’ll be a member for life.”

Tony Bernatche

Bernatche Auto Body

Auto/Car Body Shop

“I have been a member of BNI for 16 years. This organization has been a major contributor to help me build Bernatche Auto Body to what it is today! I cannot wait to see where we will grow together in the next 16 years.”

Britt Bolnick

In Arms Coaching

Business Coach

“BNI Maine has shown me an ultra-effective, fun, and connected way to grow my business, while building an aligned community of other motivated, ambitious professionals and business owners.
Wish I had done this years ago!”

Caitlin Sullivan

Sparkling Clean, LLC

Commercial Cleaning

“BNI has helped me grow, both personally and professionally! I feel comfortable inducing myself and public speaking (well more comfortable!!) Having a network of business professionals to lean on is the best…The referrals that come are just gravy!! BNI is perfect for companies like Sparkling Clean to get the word out about quality and local services!”

Emily Cambria

Project Wellness, LLC

Nutritional Supplements

“BNI is a professional organization which provides so much value to it’s members. The trainings, support, philosophy and energy is top notch. If  you are looking to grow your business, be a part of a community as big as the world, this is the place to be! BNI has been a tremendously positive and powerful experience for me in many ways! Being one of the founding members of the Queen City Chapter, I have grown professionally, while helping my Chapter grow the membership. The positive and professional culture of BNI is second to none!”

Sarah Carson

Portside Real Estate Group

Residential Real Estate

Jeff Long


Health & Wellness Products

Ansley Moore

Bangor Neon

Sign Company

“BNI has been a game changer for our business and for me personally as a professional. The education that I’ve received and the relationships I have had the opportunity to build with other entrepreneurs and business owners is priceless. I would recommend joining a local chapter to anyone who is looking to grow and improve their business!”

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