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Rick Browning

Upfront Home Inspection LLC

Home Inspection

Rick Browning

Upfront Home Inspection LLC

Home Inspection

“Being a new startup business and looking for a way to increase referrals BNI Maine has been a great move. The members are great to bounce ideas off of and act as mentors to make everyone successful.”

Holly Bruns

Local Image

Web Design

“I am so grateful to have a group of trusted business professionals that I can call on when I need anything for myself, my family or my clients. Becoming apart of this organization just a few months ago has made such an impact on my business and the relationships alone are invaluable. From the members in my group to the connections that you can make in other chapters takes it the extra mile. If you are looking at this trying to decide if it is a good fit or just want to learn more feel free to connect with me! 🙌

Jeremy Martinez

Bromar Printing Solutions


Odelle Bowman


Health & Wellness Supplements

“BNI Maine has had a dramatic effect on my business as an affiliate of LifeVantage. Not only have I grown my business skills through BNI Portland Business Builders and all the world class trainings they offer, my network is now global, and networking has been made simple and accessible during this Pandemic. One of the unexpected pluses that I hadn’t expected was making a new circle of close friends. During the time of the Pandemic my business has doubled and my confidence as a business owner has grown dramatically. BNI Maine necessitates an investment of time and energy in others “Givers Gain” and I wouldn’t have it any other way❤️”

Tiffany McKenna

The Great East Butcher Company

Food & Beverage

Tony Bernatche

Bernatche Auto Body

Auto/Car Body Shop

“I have been a member of BNI for 16 years. This organization has been a major contributor to help me build Bernatche Auto Body to what it is today! I cannot wait to see where we will grow together in the next 16 years.”

Amanda Emerson

Core Benefits Insurance

Health Insurance

Jennifer Litteral

Coffee Hound Coffee Co.

Food & Beverage

“We were looking to grow our business with more referrals and joining BNI Network has not disappointed! It is like we gained a 56 member sales team that isn’t on payroll. It has allowed us to grow faster even through a pandemic.”

Kate Smith

Photography by Kate Smith


“One of the hardest things about being self employed is the networking, growing my business, and feeling a part of something bigger. BNI Maine checks all those boxes. The #giversgain mindset is focused on helping others and in return, you get what you give. BNI provides all the knowledge and tools you need to become successful and to help businesses and like-minded professionals grow, too. I have learned to be a better speaker, ask for what I want more clearly. It has challenged me to dive into my work, my processes, and my goals more honestly. My fellow Queen City BNI – Brewer members have expanded my thoughts as far as what is possible and are truly becoming more than just other business owners, they are becoming friends. I look forward to the networking each week, learning what my fellow members need and how I can help them fulfill their needs.”

Peter McPhail

United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine

Residential Real Estate

Mike Virgie

Northstar Mortgage Group

Residential Mortgages

“BNI Maine has helped not only my business grow to lengths I never though would be possible so quickly, but it has also helped my confidence personally. Getting to share my work each and every week with a group of like minded and driven people is very motivating. I look forward to each and every meeting to share what Northstar Mortgage is doing around the community. If you’re curious about BNI, visit a meeting ASAP!”


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